Franchise Fix

Sharing your passion one fix at a time.


Franchise Fix was founded out of two very simple things: 

passion and necessity.


As passionate franchise professionals, we saw the gap in the industry where Franchisees sometimes need an extra bit of help but don't have the time, resources or tools readily available.


This is why we created Franchise Fix. 

Pick Your Fix.

The Quick Fix

Opening a new franchise and don't know where to start?  Owned your business for awhile and just need a fresh set of eyes?

We have a fix for that.

Service Includes:

  • 15 minute consultation
  • 1 hour Franchise Fix Assessment
  • Confidential Franchise Report

The Long-Term Fix

Know where you are going but need a hand here and there?  Your  dedicated coach is here to the rescue.

 Our longer-term solutions include:

  • Coaching and Goal Setting
  • Policy and HR Manual Writing
  • Content Writing